Success at Ochsner Health System

Success at Ochsner Health System
See how they manage their ever-changing and deployment-critical employee information.


  • Managing/maintaining accurate and up-to-date information on employees including certifications, specialties and availability.
  • Mission critical requirement to rapidly respond when large-scale employee mobilization is required such as the case with natural disasters.
  • Employee database is 150,000 records and sourced from multiple systems. Ochsner needed a way to handle duplicate data and easily handle consolidating data from Lawson ERP, employee data in Active Directory, contact data from the phonebook system and data from the service management application.
  • Need to replace initial MDM solution that was not working after 18 months of effort; it was taking too long to get into production and expansion plans were cost prohibitive.


  • Select master data management software that works on the Microsoft stack with flexible hierarchy management, Golden Record Management and complex workflow functionality.
  • Create process and workflow to handle data coming in from the HR system, service management system, Active Directory, in-house built phonebook application and the original MDM data model to identify, match and master employee records.
  • Lay the foundation for data management throughout Ochsner – goal is to move beyond just the employee domain into Patient and Provider data management.
  • Engage with Profisee Accelerator from the Profisee Consulting Services team to empower client self-sufficiency within 4 to 6 weeks to minimize cost and transition the original model into the Profisee Platform.


  • With the Profisee Platform, the employee data model was created, in production and used by data stewards in 6 weeks compared to the first attempt with another tool which took 18 months.
  • Significant improvement with employee phonebook application; Bi-directional updates occur which means the phonebook is always up-to-date. This is critically important due to natural disaster preparedness (hurricanes are common in Louisiana), and the need for an essential employees list which includes key details such as additional contact data, location and specialty. This information is now able to be grouped by A, B and C level responders, and Ochsner can mobilize and respond to weather demands as needed.
  • Able to incorporate clean, trusted master data into other applications for use across the business including the service management application.
  • Master data management has become the way of managing clean, trusted data for use by the entire organization.
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