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Headquarters: California, USA
Industry: Healthcare
Customer: Since 2020

Hear from Jenny, Enterprise Data Analytics at Vituity


Vituity immediately recognized that they would need to master multiple data domains to drive the broad business requirements, so multi-domain functionality was key in their MDM selection.
“Start with 1 domain for simplicity, but there is no chance there is any business that only has one domain to be mastered.”
Jenny Hyun
Customer Like most healthcare organizations, Vituity must manage their Provider data (doctors, nurses and other healthcare providers) for both business and compliance reasons. More than any other master data entity, Provider data impacts many parts of the business, from reporting to time scheduling. For this reason, Provider data lives in many source systems from credentialling to billing and legal — and all that data must be matched, merged, validated and corrected if it is to be used as a trusted source of information. Cleaning and harmonizing Provider data across these systems reduces billing errors and inconsistencies, avoids redundant effort and enables accurate reporting.
Location Vituity works with healthcare providers in several locations, but simple spelling errors (or discrepancies like “St Lukes” or “Saint Luke’s”) caused confusion and took precious time to correct. By mastering Facility/Location data once and having all other systems use that as their ‘reference,’ Vituity was able to avoid most of these simple errors and duplicative work.
Calendar The Patient domain was a natural focus for Vituity when they started their MDM journey. Their goal was to enable the tracking of patients throughout their care experience — resulting in high-quality care and better metrics for the quality of care, including readmission rates and accurately tracking the same patient across the continuum of care — while avoiding redundant data-entry work.
Supply Chain Vituity partners with several different insurance companies across the healthcare sector. By mastering the Payer Contracts domain, they will be able to standardize insurance companies’ names and contract details across their organization, allowing Vituity to share consolidated, corrected and harmonized Payer Contracts data immediately across all business units. This enables the SCC procurement team to more accurately forecast store product item inventory demand. From here, the data science team can apply machine learning to their supply chain commodity providers to help optimize costs and ensure stores have the materials they need to operate and customers have access to their favorite regional products.
Configuration While reference data can span a wide variety of use cases, the core approach is to take reference data that may be used across several systems and master it as a series of MDM domains that can become a common reference for all the systems that need it. In the case of Vituity, they plan to centralize CPT codes, ICD-9/10 codes, and CCS Diagnostics codes, among others. This reduces redundant effort across systems and avoids the possibility of different version of the reference data being used in different systems.


Vituity started with the goal of improving the consistency, accessibility and usability of their data. But unlike several companies who are new to MDM they did not limit their thinking to only one master data domain or use case. They thought ahead to consider all the major domains that impacted their business and built a phased delivery plan, knowing they would likely have to accommodate even more in time.

We knew that once
we started this journey…

… that other business owners would come out of the woodwork and say, ‘Hey! Help us with this problem,’ and we would have a ready solution.


There are many benefits of data mastering, but they generally fall into two categories:

Reporting, metrics and insight – Without consistent trusted data, it is not possible to create meaningful reports or get insight into how the business is running, spanning metrics from utilization to profitability. It also enables critical insights around effective healthcare delivery and clinical-quality metrics like readmission rates.

Operational efficiency – Synchronized, trusted data means reduced data entry, errors and duplicative work — and that impacts all areas of the business, from accurate credentialling to patient scheduling and billing. Well-managed data also enables management to identify and then implement necessary changes with speed and efficiency.

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