Get a 360 Degree View

Find, match, and group duplicate data within and across applications.

Streamline Operations

One-off manual exercises to reconcile data within and across applications are time consuming and expensive.

Understand Business Relationships

How much do you buy from this vendor? Who are our top customers? Are these two products the same?

Improved Analytics

Golden Records allow you to aggregate and analyze information across applications and create an aggregate picture of your business.



Profisee’s in-memory fuzzy matching engine is best in class in the data management industry. With Profisee, you get a powerful engine that is fully configuration driven. No coding in obscure frameworks required.

Can scale to match 1B records, with industry leading accuracy.

  • Full visibility into the process and results
  • Built-in stewardship of matching results
  • Review, merge, and break apart groups


Use automated survivorship to create Golden Records that combine the best information available across all of your data, with the option for data stewards to perform manual survivorship.

Harmonize information from the golden record back to operational applications.

  • Create the best possible Golden Record
  • Automated or manual survivorship supported

Data Verification / Standardization

Leverage the power of third party data services to improve the quality of your data, and increase the accuracy of your matching results.

Addresses, Names, Phone Numbers, and Email addresses can all be verified and standardized. Integrate with other data services as needed.

  • Multiple services available
  • Point and click configuration
  • Addresses, Name, Phone, and/or Email

Business Problems Solved With Master Data Management

Discover the success Profisee has brought to companies like yours.

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