Finally break down data silos and match across data sources to create trusted golden records.


Finally consolidate, validate and enrich your most critical enterprise data and easily share trusted golden records across your business.

ML-Based Matching

The industry’s most sophisticated matching is easy to configure while bringing the highest degree of accuracy across any data silo or data domain.

Best of Both Worlds

Everyone is busy. With Profisee, you can fully automate matching and survivorship, while also providing an easy experience where data stewards can view and manage exceptions quickly and easily.

Confidence Through Transparency

Profisee has the MDM industry’s only similarity graph matching, giving users unprecedented flexibility, efficiency and transparency.

Matching & Survivorship FAQs

Profisee MDM’s matching capabilities encompass support for exact character matching, fuzzy matching and other common match types. These features distinguish it from other MDM solutions and cater to diverse matching needs within organizations.

You can use data from any source. Import your data, and Profisee will automatically match potential duplicate records using fuzzy matching. From there, you can configure matching and survivorship strategies to merge duplicate records based on your unique requirements and keep the best information from across your source systems in the form of a golden record.

A golden record refers to a single, authoritative and reliable version of a particular piece of master data within an MDM platform. It represents the most accurate and complete representation of that data entity, often aggregated from multiple sources and cleansed to ensure consistency and reliability. The golden record is the product of matching, merging and survivorship, where the most accurate information from multiple sources is consolidated into a single record.

Survivorship refers to the process of determining which data values should be retained or “survive” when conflicting or duplicate data records are merged or resolved. In many cases, multiple sources (or silos) of data may contain conflicting or duplicate information about the same entity (e.g., customer, product). Survivorship rules are used to resolve these conflicts by determining which values should be considered authoritative and retained in the merged or consolidated record, often resulting in the creation of a golden record.

Profisee uses an ML-powered matching engine to automatically match duplicate records. Matching records are then displayed side-by-side in a match group for data stewards to review, where they are also given the option to merge records. Once a steward selects candidate records for merging, they can choose “winners” from the information in candidate records to survive the merge and be stored in the golden record. Data stewards have a chance to review merge criteria before making any changes that will affect records. Full audit trails are available in the Profisee Platform for data steward review.



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