The Future of MDM is Adaptive

Profisee Adaptive Master Data Management (MDM) is the industry’s only platform that meets you where you are.

Don't Limit Yourself with Traditional MDM

Traditionally, MDM vendors have forced customers to rebuild their business processes to fit the constraints of their software.

Most MDM platforms are difficult to implement because they…



customers into pre-built domains and hard-wired solutions


users to learn a dedicated, unintuitive stewardship environment


the effectiveness of MDM by focusing on a single domain or use case

PROFISEE adaptive master data management FOR THE MODERN DATA FABRIC

Adaptive MDM conforms to your data sources, governance rules and business requirements, so you can implement quickly and scale infinitely across your business – and leverage OpenAI integrations to streamline data stewardship.

Profisee Adaptive Master Data Management is…

Rapidly configurable models that can be customized to your business

Easily configure purpose-built stewardship experiences and steward data from the apps you use every day

Move beyond domain-driven thinking and use cases and incorporate MDM across your data fabric

See the Adaptive MDM Difference

 Adaptive Master Data Management Adaptive Master Data ManagementAdaptive Master Data Management Traditional MDM
Set-up & ConfigurationRapidly configure your MDM data model to match business requirementsRe-engineer business processes to fit within constraints of hard-coded model
Data StewardshipLeverage OpenAI to streamline and automate and leverage Outlook/Teams integrations to steward data where teams already workBusiness users are constrained by dedicated stewardship environments or standalone applications
Data IntegrationUse open frameworks to quickly connect any database, application or service without any custom codeRely on the MDM vendor to maintain brittle, hard-coded connectors to a short list of services
Use CasesMaximize the value of MDM across any domain, source system and use caseLimit the effectiveness of MDM to single-domain solutions

See Profisee Adaptive
MDM for Yourself

Schedule a custom demo to experience the Profisee Adaptive MDM platform first-hand and learn how you can get started quickly, streamline data stewardship with an AI co-pilot and add value in weeks, not months.


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