Leverage the power of the cloud without giving up flexibility

PaaS – The Optimal Deployment model for MDM

Multi-domain MDM has been challenged with the limitations of previous cloud deployment models, but by leveraging containerization, MDM can at last leverage the full power of the cloud.

Profisee MDM is the first platform to enable true PaaS deployment.

The Platform as a service (PaaS) Advantage

For the first time, an MDM deployment in the cloud can take advantage of the scalability and lower cost of cloud deployment while enabling the critical flexibility required by the data model as well as seamless data access for a multi-domain MDM solution.

How PaaS Compares to Other Deployment Models

On Premise – For years the only option. It give a lot of flexibility but puts all the responsibility on the customer and that’s a lot of work!

SaaS – The first cloud deployment model, true software-as-a-service offering were great for multi-tenant applications where the usage can be pre-determined, but for multi-domain MDM where data models and data access cannot be pre-determined, they lack the required flexibility

IaaS – The next evolution, and where many MDM vendors are today was Infrastructure-as-a-Service. In this model, the MDM software is deployed on a cloud server to take advantage of scalable computing power, but the customer was still required to install, configure and maintain the software so in this model, the ‘promise’ of cloud deployment was never fully realized and although it has become a popular method, many customers find the overall cost saving to be minimal due to high ongoing maintenance costs.

PaaS – MDM, especially true multi-domain MDM, has a particular need for a highly flexible data model and seamless access to complex data. The core advantage of a PaaS architecture is that for the first time, we can attain the appropriate balance between the required flexibility of the data and applications layers, with the scalability and cost-performance offered by the cloud.