Build a trusted foundation of healthcare data to deliver high quality patient care and better outcomes with the Profisee master data management (MDM) platform.

Healthcare today…

Healthcare is demanding:

  • Consumers are more demanding
  • Regulations are more demanding
  • Revolution, not evolution

The new normal:

  • Standards such as FHIR will enable broad data sharing
  • Must trust your data before it can be shared
  • MDM becoming a required core competence

Leading practitioners:

  • Building trusted data foundation across many domains
  • Drive business efficiency/eliminate redundancy
  • Standardize clinical data to improve healthcare insight and outcomes

The Profisee MDM platform helps healthcare organizations build a trusted foundation of healthcare data.

Trusted Provider Data​

Create an accurate, consistent and single trusted view of provider data to support improving healthcare outcomes, business efficiency and interoperability compliance.


Common Use Cases


  • Event Management
  • File Monitoring
  • Call Management


  • Charity Donor List
  • Do Not Contact Suppression


  • Access Management
  • Employee Directory
  • Emergency Notification


  • Supplier Billing
  • Price Benchmarking


  • Study Inclusion
  • Address Verification


  • Standard Codes
  • Definitions
  • Crosswalking

Discover how the Profisee platform helps build and ensure a trusted foundation of healthcare data.