Choose the edition that is right for your organization

Profisee editions provide a variety of feature sets sized for the right size investment if you’re just getting started, while providing a path forward as you continue on your journey.

Essentials Edition

The core MDM capabilities to start your journey.

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Application Edition

Begin centralized authoring of master data.

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GRM Edition

Powerful matching to create a Golden Master.

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Enterprise Edition

The complete Profisee Platform.

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Profisee Product Matrix

Profisee Platform Matrix

Helping You Get Started On Your Data Management Journey

When faced with traditional Massive Data Management solutions, many choose the status quo. Profisee’s vision is to provide a platform that is Fast and Affordable to help every organization get started, and Scalable to grow with you on your data management journey.

Profisee Core

Profisee’s foundation for data management, all configured through Profisee FastApp Studio

  • Model your data, including the relationships and hierarchies that drive your business.
  • Configure your solution, manage security, and automate deployments.
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Golden Record Management

Consolidate and create the most complete view of your master data.

  • In-memory matching to identify and group duplicate data
  • Use survivorship to create and maintain the best golden records
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Stewardship FastApps

Making stewardship so simple and easy, business users want to help.

  • Configure applications that meet the unique needs of each stewardship community
  • So simple to use, virtually no training is required
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Data Quality

Improving data quality is the #1 goal cited by data management programs.

  • Validation rules detect data quality issues, and help stewards resolve them.
  • Assignment rules automate the creation of new information based on business rules.
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Document metadata, set standards, establish goals, measure progress, prove value.

  • Capture critical information generated by governance and needed by the business
  • Measure progress over time, and against SLA’s for data quality and process SLAs
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Drag and drop workflow creation to orchestrate cross-functional stewardship processes.

  • Implement business processes as workflows guide data steward activity
  • Monitor & Manage stewardship performance against SLAs
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Easily integrate master data in batch or real-time, while maintaining lineage to source applications.

  • Point & Click Integration with business applications and analytics solutions
  • Out-of-the-Box Real Time Bi-Directional Integration
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Industry Solutions

Best practices for your industry, delivered via best practice driven data models

  • Built using best practices derived from industry specific standards bodies
  • Broad coverage for all master data required for specific industries.
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