Instantly view and manage complex relationships in your data using graph-based visualizations

See a complete picture of your data

Connect your customers, products and suppliers to tell a complete story.

Define and Manage the Relationships that Matter

Instead of feeling trapped by linear pre-defined hierarchy paths,  easily browse and manage your data in across all dimensions.

View, Navigate & Manage Relationships in Real Time

Directly edit relationships through the graph visualizer to streamline data stewardship in a modern, immersive experience.

Hierarchy Management Modernized

For your most important relationship paths, Profisee provides an innovative way to manage your data with the least effort and fewest clicks possible.

Relationship Management FAQs

Profisee MDM enables the creation of hierarchies for financial structures, allowing organizations to group chart of accounts and align different companies with similar hierarchies, making it easier to report up to finance. This functionality is crucial, particularly in scenarios involving company acquisitions.

Yes, Profisee MDM supports the categorization and grouping of products, enabling organizations to manage various product categories effectively. This feature aids in organizing and structuring product data for improved management and reporting.

The graph visualizer within Profisee MDM not only enables users to visualize relationships but also empowers them to directly edit relationships and the underlying data. Users can view positions that roll up under specific entities, edit records and explore other relationships, enhancing their ability to manage and maintain accurate data.

Yes. Relationships can be created by creating domain-based attributes within different entities. A domain-based entity can refer to other entities (parent/child relationship) as well as to itself (recursive relationship).

Profisee supports two types of derived hierarchies: straight-line and recursive hierarchies. Straight-line hierarchies connect multiple entities in a straight line using domain based attributes, and recursive hierarchies include the use of a recursive domain based attribute in the hierarchy to define relationships.

With Profisee’s visual relationship management, now you can…



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Data Governance

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Relationship Management

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Matching & Survivorship

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Data Quality

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