Manage The Quality Of Your Data From Start To Finish

Identify, Correct, and Prevent data quality issues

Proactive Prevention

Like termites eating away at the structure of your home, data quality issues are only noticed once they’re causing a problem.

Instead of fixing them after the fact, data quality rules identify bad data, allowing data stewards to proactively correct them before they create a problem.

Permanent Correction

When data quality becomes an issue, the solution is often a data cleanup project. But once complete, poor quality will again be created, creating a vicious cycle.

Stop wasting time on-off data clean-up projects. With Profisee, you can permanently identify, correct, and prevent data quality issues.

Automated Assignments

Similar to an Excel spreadsheet, data can often be calculated automatically based on other information instead of manually entered.

Assignment and default rules take the burden off of data stewards, and allow the system to create information automatically based on rules you define.


Business rules provide a simple user friendly way to define and enforce data quality.

Business Rules

Automate the calculation of values, identify data quality issues, or use constraints to prevent bad data from being created, all using a single business rules framework.

Simple Excel like syntax allows rules to be managed by business users.

  • Assignment rules to calculate values
  • Validation rules to flag issues
  • Constraint rules to prevent bad data

Validation Issues

Identifies and highlights data quality issues, allowing them to be corrected proactively by data stewards.

Data quality heat maps and analytics provides stakeholders with visibility into data quality trends.

  • Flag poor quality information
  • Enable stewards to proactively resolve
  • Measure improvement over time

Data Quality Constraints

Configure constraint rules to prevent users from creating or update records that don’t meet a minimum threshold of quality. Define default rules to pre-populate new records with data, saving stewards time.

Help data stewards create high quality information with minimal effort.

  • Prevent bad data with constraints
  • Share data quality requirements with stewards
  • Pre-populate data, saving time

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