Give data stewards the ability to quickly and easily correct or validate data when needed.

The Profisee platform unlocks the ability to…

Resolve the Unexpected or Unusual

Optimize the most difficult time-consuming tasks in data management – finding and resolving data issues.

Profisee uses Augmented Stewardship approach to search for and identify unexpected or unusual values in any data set, then presents them to data stewards for resolution.

Augmented Stewardship

Get the job done quickly

Simple, intuitive web-based UI and work queues boost stewardship productivity and efficiency.

Perform mass edits, import data in bulk and configure solutions for complex needs.

Tailor the stewardship experience

Quickly and easily create applications aligned to the unique needs of each of your stewardship communities.

Tailor the workflow to allow them to complete their work quickly and effectively.

Profisee branching computer graphic
Profisee shifting computer graphic

Shift from reactive to proactive

Prompt users to complete tasks and resolve data quality issues. Email notifications helps teams track and quickly resolve issues associated with master data.

Get a complete picture of tasks that are assigned, a priority, pending and shared across their peers.

Integrated with data governance out of the box

Profisee includes a native, bi-directional integration with Microsoft Purview for unified data governance in Azure.

With no functional overlaps, but highly complementary capabilities, Microsoft Purview and Profisee MDM are an essential foundation of data management.

Maximize the business value of data in Azure by integrating Azure Purview and Profisee MDM

Monitor data steward workloads

Gain visibility into whether or not you’re meeting the requirements defined by governance for data quality and create accountability into stewardship efforts.

Track and trend progress over time.

Discover the Profisee platform difference

Built For Multi-Domain

More than 2/3 of Profisee customers implement multiple domains.

Built For The Cloud

Fast, affordable and flexible cloud deployments with industry first and only containerized PaaS MDM solution.

Built For Business Value

The Profisee platform delivers fast time to value (payback) 6-12 months and Profisee customers average ~400+% ROI*

Built with Microsoft in Mind

The obvious choice for Microsoft technology enterprise is Profisee. Tailor made for the Microsoft environment. Azure centric.

Built For Scale

Most Profisee customers implement their second domain within the first year and some have 8+ domains.

Built for Fast Implementations

“Vendor with most implementations in under 90 days”, 2020 Gartner MDM Magic Quadrant.



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