Modern experience makes MDM easier and more intuitive than ever before.

Elegant. Streamlined. Efficient.

Intuitive, Web-based Interface

Your MDM platform shouldn’t need an owner’s manual — data stewards can easily jump in to monitor and improve data quality with minimal uptime.

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Fast Visual Filtering

Visual filtering of data happens in real time to help stewards efficiently identify and fix issues.

Personalized Stewardship Experiences

Quickly design and configure role- and task-based views to customize the data stewardship experience — all without custom coding.​


Quickly and easy manage your data in a streamlined, efficient view that can be customized for your needs, while built-in machine learning saves time and automates tasks.

Master Data. Automated.

Leverage the Azure OpenAI Service to automatically create master data from unstructured text.

With Profisee’s integration with OpenAI, you can take raw unstructured data from any external source…

…feed it into Profisee…

…and have your data fields automatically populated for you, saving time & effort.

Business users can easily design and configure role- and task-based views to tailor their workspace for their unique workflow. 

Users can quickly and easily sift through tasks and analyze stewardship efforts

Stay on Track

Profisee’s custom FastApps provide highly curated experiences for specific tasks, streamlining workflows with no distractions.

See the whole picture

Easily embed any analytics platform, including Power BI, Tableau and Qlik, into the stewardship interface to see the impact of MDM on enterprise analytics in real time.

Leverage the Tools Your Users Love

Easily share, edit and collaborate on the stewardship of master data directly in Outlook and Teams, without having to disrupt your existing workflow. 

Data Stewardship FAQs

Data stewards are individuals responsible for managing and overseeing an organization’s data and ensuring it is accurate, complete and consistent for business use.

Common titles performing data stewardship include data analysts, architects, governance managers, business analysts and IT managers/directors. Depending on their organization size and complexity of their data estate and enterprise architecture, master data stewardship can either be their full-time job or just one of their responsibilities. More than technical professionals, data stewards are responsible for providing the appropriate business context around data entities, attributes and values so they can be easily used for downstream analytics or other use cases.

The data stewardship features in Profisee MDM are compatible with popular web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari on Mac. The interface has been designed to ensure functionality across various browsers, enabling users to access and manage data across different source systems.

Profisee’s integration with Azure OpenAI Profisee allows users to leverage the power of AI for automatically building complex filters with natural-language prompts and parsing long strings of unstructured data into master data entities and attributes. Users will need to configure their own Azure OpenAI tenant to utilize this functionality, enabling them to maintain control over their data while leveraging advanced AI capabilities.

The Profisee FastApp Portal is a secure site where data stewards can access and steward master data. Profisee is the only MDM vendor that makes it easy for business users to quickly configure purpose-built steward apps and experiences that are customized to their role and tasks.

For example, a manager who only needs to approve address changes can configure a FastApp that only displays the data sources and domains they need, streamlining their experience and avoiding context switching that hurts productivity. FastApps are configured natively within the Profisee stewardship experience without any coding or complex set-up.

Using the FastApp Portal, data stewards can interact with data using customized pages and forms, view matching and survivorship results, perform manual matching and survivorship and perform lookup before create.

Lookup before create is a feature within the Profisee FastApp Portal that lets data stewards see a list of possible existing records before adding a new record to Profisee. Each possible matching record displays a similarity score to help stewards identify whether a given record already exists in the system so that stewards don’t accidentally create duplicate records. This helps maintain data quality over time and reduces the storage and compute required to perform matching.

With Profisee’s data stewardship, now you can…



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