Process-Driven Stewardship

Cross-functional, cross-enterprise stewardship made easy.

Stewardship Orchestration

Use workflow to orchestrate complex, cross-functional stewardship processes, that any business user can participate in.

Workflow can orchestrate and automate your most complex business processes.

Easy To Use

Tasks present the data steward with just the information required to complete their stewardship responsibilities.

Minimal training required, allowing you to broaden the scope of your data stewardship community.

Drive Accountability

Capture service level agreements necessary to meet your business requirements, and measure the performance of your data stewards against those SLAs.

Track and trend your performance against those SLAs, creating a built-in accountability mechanism.


Operationalize business processes.

Tasks and Notifications

Tasks guide data stewards to the work they are responsible for and need to completed, minimizing training and streamlining adoption.

Automated email notifications take stewards directly to the work they need to complete.

  • Purpose built tasks for stewardship
  • Email notifications with direct links
  • Virtually no training required

Performance Measurement

Capture service level agreements for overall workflow process and individual tasks. Tracking allows for measurement of actual performance against defined SLAs.

Help hold stewards accountable for meeting their business commitments.

  • Defined service level agreements
  • Performance tracking and trending
  • Built-in accountability

Simple Administration

Easily configure the information necessary to complete a task, who is responsible, and how long they have to complete it.

Workflows designed via a drag-and-drop user experience, that can support highly complex business process requirements.

  • Drag-and-drop workflow authoring
  • Top-down process visibility
  • Defined service level agreements

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