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Headquarters: Ann Arbor, MI USA
Industry: Restaurant
Customer: Since 2014

Hear from Cliff, Enterprise Data Architect at Dominos’


Domino’s configured matching rules in Profisee to accurately match, validate and enrich the customer data coming from their vast enterprise data warehouse. This initial MDM use case enabled Domino’s to execute cross-channel marketing segmentation and helped build a foundation for their marketing communication programs as well as and customer ordering experience personalization. The Domino’s Enterprise Information Management (EIM) team spent some time optimizing their consumer data
domain, and after seeing success with the Profisee MDM platform in such a challenging use case they embarked on managing several other domains in Profisee as well. Over time, this team has become a ‘center of expertise’ for solving master data challenges in the organization, to the point where they are now often called upon to solve widely differing problems — from helping Data Scientists enable more accurate Supply Chain inventory demand to IT asset management.
Customer When Dominos first starting using the Profisee platform, they started with arguably their most challenging — and certainly highest volume — use case: matching, merging and enriching millions of consumer order records. Today, data from millions of transactions is matched up with Domino’s 85 million plus unique customer records inside a 24-hour cycle with relatively no hands-on data stewardship. This initial use case started as a traditional ‘customer 360’ effort to gain a unified view of all customers in the United States and served as the foundation for cross-channel marketing segmentation as well as their data science team’s customer segmentation efforts.
Location Domino’s has since mastered their 17,000+ store locations worldwide by consolidating global external data inputs into a centralized enterprise data warehouse. The Profisee Platform enables workflow-based data steward approvals and helped the team create an enterprise-grade data foundation for use throughout the organization. Centralizing this data management task cuts out redundant effort and streamlines the operation of several applications that subscribe to this data.
Calendar Domino’s used Profisee to get its weekly promotional and marketing strategy data points out of spreadsheets and into the enterprise data warehouse, providing a unified data set to visualize their promotional planning strategy. Getting this data into the enterprise data warehouse also enabled automated integration to Domino’s data science environment for machine learning applications.
Supply Chain Domino’s thousands of stores nationwide have POS products that are now linked to Supply Chain inventory item SKUs in their commissaries, retiring a legacy spreadsheet that was inconsistent among locations and very difficult for team members to manage efficiently. This enables the SCC procurement team to more accurately forecast store product item inventory demand. From here, the data science team can apply machine learning to their supply chain commodity providers to help optimize costs and ensure stores have the materials they need to operate and customers have access to their favorite regional products.
Configuration After applying master data management to their back-office operations, customer-facing marketing campaigns and other use cases, the Enterprise Information Management (EIM) team used Profisee to better manage their own technology hardware operations. They mastered their IT assets across the company as a domain in Profisee to get clear visibility into assets across team members, satellite offices and core data centers to more quickly respond to bugs, ransomware and other threats to their business and intellectual property.


At Domino’s, data matters. And they want their data to work as hard for them as each of their hundreds of thousands of team members across the globe.

Because of the tireless work of the Enterprise Information Management (EIM) to harness the matching engine in Profisee, they were able to achieve a unified, 360-degree view of their consumer domain, powering a personalized customer experience and helping optimize their targeting and marketing efforts.

In addition to ensuring a positive customer experience, Domino’s has ensured accurate, trusted data on their global locations and the complex supply chain that enables them to provide customers with their favorite products. Managing their IT assets also allows them to quickly respond to malware and other threats to their intellectual property and brand.

Master data management (MDM) helps us in areas
where data powers our brand…

… And we really believe that executing that effectively, and making the most out of our information opportunities sets us apart – putting us in a position to fly farther and faster than we would be able to without a solid data management foundation. Profisee has been an integral part of that strategy.

— Cliff Miller

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