Success at Domino's

How Profisee helped Domino’s Pizza achieve their Insight Driven Enterprise.

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Needed Master Data to Optimize Sales & Profit
  • Domino’s had a strategic directive to uniquely identify customers, households and their pizza buying patterns.
  • Duplicate customer information across multiple systems – different ordering systems for online, app and phone; CRM; and Point of Sale (POS) system.
  • Need to leverage corporate data across global franchisees.
  • Customer identity stitching is currently not possible with the volume of data stored in transactions. This customer data is embedded in 1 Billion+ orders.


Create Comprehensive Customer Data Strategy
  • Implemented an MDM hub for customer data by creating golden records across 150+ markets for customers across CRM, ERP, Big Data and BI/DW applications.
  • Automated validation and identification of variances between systems using business rules.
  • Cleansed, de-duped and synced records including creating ongoing workflow to easily maintain this data across systems.


Improvements Achieved with Profisee Platform
  • Optimized sales and profitability with highly targeted and strategic marketing campaigns. Millions to the bottom line directly related to having mastered customer data.
  • Centralized data hub for customer. All systems that use Customer data are working from one, clean trusted view of this data.
  • Established strong enterprise data management foundation, and eliminated manual processes within existing systems
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