Success at American Heart Association

Success at American Heart Association
Learn how American Heart Association consolidated, cleansed and de-duped 40M records across their donor base for improved reporting and analytics.


Need a Complete View of Donors
  • Donor (customer) data is captured across multiple systems. 40 million records to master: lots of data, lots of different places.
  • Wanted to roll out a corporate data governance strategy with workflow process
  • Need to integrate with Microsoft tech stack including easy integration with Dynamics.
  • Need to support data migration from old to new CRM.


Create Single View of Donor
  • Find cost effective MDM solution that works with the Microsoft stack including Dynamics.
  • Select a tool – that supports data migration from Siebel to Dynamics.
  • Create Donor Golden Records by matching and de-duping existing records. Set up process for ongoing data harmonization including data governance workflow process.


  • Consolidated 40M total customer records into golden donor records. Cleansed, de-duped trusted data now.
  • CRM Migration completed with much higher quality, trusted data.
  • Better reporting & analytics; know their donors especially repeat donors.
  • Created target marketing campaigns to increase donor response rate and donation amounts.
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