Apogee Drives Strategic Procurement with Profisee

Implementing MDM to optimize procurement costs

Apogee Enterprises, Inc.

Headquarters: Minneapolis, MN, USA
Industry: Building Materials
Customer: Since 2022

Data Types Mastered with Profisee

“What we’re finding is as we are using Profisee, our business is starting to understand the amount of work that we have due to data inconsistencies. And the only way that we could get the business to really understand that is by showing it to them. And Profisee is enabling us to show them the amount of information we have where, lo and behold, we have suppliers that have been used across many of our different businesses, but they have different information”
Director of Data Strategy & Governance at Apogee
Andrea Wehrung smiles at the camera against a white background.


To break down these data silos and create a single source of truth for downstream and analytical systems, Apogee uses the Profisee MDM platform.

While Apogee decided to start its centralization project with procurement data from its ERP systems, the company’s data leaders knew they would eventually want to do the same with other data domains from other business systems. Beyond needing a multi-domain MDM solution, Apogee also wanted a platform they could adapt to their business processes and systems, that integrated seamlessly with Microsoft tools and that had strong analytical MDM capabilities.

Matching these criteria and coming highly recommended from the consulting firm Apogee engaged to assist with this project, Profisee emerged as the clear choice for Apogee to break down its data silos and start implementing MDM across the enterprise.


By using Profisee MDM, Apogee can begin the process of standardizing and harmonizing its data across multiple ERP systems and identify matching vendors among business units. This helps business users better understand the value of the company’s data and sets Apogee on the path of optimizing its procurement relationships to benefit the enterprise.

“As I reflect back on the journey that we’ve had with MDM, and I see how far we’ve come in the engagement of the business and how much better the business can relate to data now, I am so incredibly excited about continuing this journey with them. And seeing how the changes we’re bringing drive true business value as [Apogee] continues to transform the businesses and the journey that we’re on. And being able to connect our MDM story to those business wins is one of the most rewarding career experiences for a data professional.”
Director of Data Strategy & Governance at Apogee
Andrea Wehrung smiles at the camera against a white background.

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The logos for Profisee and Apogee sit side-by-side against a high rise building.

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