Location Master Data Management

Finally centralize location data across your business to drive informed decision-making and power seamless customer interactions.

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Location Data Management: Centralize, Optimize, Revolutionize

With location MDM, create golden records for:

RETAIL STORES Keep information up-to-date and consistent so customers know where to find you and when you’re open

DISTRIBUTION CENTERS Eliminate supply chain and inventory woes with a central location for managing floor, rack and shelf data

HEALTHCARE SYSTEMSMaintain accurate and reliable records for hospitals, clinics, units and floors when it matters the most

OTHER FACILITIES Data centers, factories, airport terminals, launch pads — if you can think of it, Profisee can manage it

Integrating and enriching these records with other data domains such as customer, product and employee data provides a comprehensive view to unlock new business insights from trustworthy data.

Benefits of Location MDM

From hospital floor to retail location data management, location MDM empowers you to:

CREATE a unified source for location information across your enterprise
IMPROVE customer personalization with demographic-tailored location strategies
ENHANCE business intelligence with accurate and comprehensive location data, including complex hierarchies and relationships
OPTIMIZE inventory management and efficiently meet customer demand
ENSURE your staff allocation meets the unique needs of each location
COMPLEMENT your existing MDM model by telling the full story of your business data

MDM That Adapts to You

Why limit your organization with a rigid, hard-wired solution? Profisee adaptive master data management meets you where you are, no matter your data sources, governance rules or business requirements.

Enrich Location Data with Third-Party Services

Thanks to integrations with services like Google, Melissa, Loqate and Dun & Bradstreet, Profisee can help you enrich location data to ensure incorrect addresses don’t hold you back.

Name: Damon Sharpe

Address: 1864 S Granby


State: CO

ZIP: 80012

Name: Damon Sharpe

Address: 1864 S Granby St
City: Aurora

State: CO

ZIP: 80012-5736
Results: AS01, CM01, CS01
Results Definition:
AS01: Address fully verified – address is valid and deliverable according to official postal agencies. CM01: COA Match: A COA was found for…

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Location MDM Faqs

Location data management is the practice of collecting, organizing and maintaining accurate and current information related to the geographical context of an organization’s operations, assets, customers and more. This involves not just the physical addresses, but also the latitude and longitude coordinates and other geospatial data that can influence business insights and decisions.

Proper management of this data ensures that organizations can optimize routing and logistics, enhance customer engagement through personalized experiences based on location preferences and make informed strategic decisions. It plays a pivotal role in industries ranging from retail and logistics to healthcare, where understanding the geographical aspect of data can significantly improve operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Location master data management ensures the integrity and usefulness of location data across multiple systems and processes within an organization. It provides a single source of truth for all location-related information, which is essential for accurate analysis, planning and decision-making.

In the context of MDM, location data represents a critical domain that affects nearly all companies regardless of industry and naturally complements the management of other domains like product or customer data.

Without location master data management, businesses could face inconsistencies that lead to inefficiencies, erroneous strategic decisions and missed opportunities for optimization. For companies that rely on logistics and supply chain operations, precise location data is crucial for minimizing costs and maximizing delivery efficiency.

In the context of marketing, understanding geographical data helps in tailoring campaigns to specific regions, improving customer engagement and response rates. Essentially, location master data management underpins the ability to leverage geographical information strategically.

High-quality location data allows for precise targeting, more efficient logistics and better risk management, thereby enhancing overall operational efficiency and business performance. Conversely, poor quality location data can lead to misguided decision-making, inefficient resource allocation and lost opportunities.

For example, in logistics, accurate location data is crucial for route optimization to reduce delivery times and costs. In marketing, high-quality geographical information enables businesses to craft campaigns that resonate with local audiences, enabling marketing teams to share more relevant products and content that convert better.

Further, businesses deal with multiple location records. Most customer records will include a billing and a shipping address, and retail location records often include attributes such as number of parking spaces, the nearest major intersection or onsite amenities, like recycling bins or EV chargers.

This makes location MDM all the more important since it ensures each individual address or location record attribute is accurate and accessible by the people who need access to it. The integrity of location data governs an organization’s ability to make informed decisions, manage risks effectively and capitalize on opportunities in a competitive marketplace.

At a high level, location MDM ensures the accuracy, consistency and reliability of location data across the organization, enabling more informed decision-making and efficient process execution. Here are some specific examples of benefits across different industries and use cases:

  • For logistics and supply chain management, location MDM provides the backbone for route optimization, inventory positioning and distribution planning, directly contributing to reduced operational costs and improved delivery times
  • In healthcare, location MDM helps hospital and clinic managers maintain adequate and safe staffing levels in addition to helping providers find the equipment they need to provide quality care
  • Location MDM also supports compliance with regulatory requirements by maintaining data integrity and providing audit trails
  • Location MDM fosters better risk management by enabling geospatial analysis for disaster planning and mitigation strategies

Overall, location master data management empowers businesses to leverage geographical information as a strategic asset, driving competitive advantage and customer satisfaction.

Selecting a location MDM solution demands thorough consideration of several critical factors to ensure it aligns with your organization’s specific needs.

  1. Evaluate the solution’s ability to integrate with your existing systems and data workflows, aiming for minimal disruption and optimal synergy.
  2. The flexibility and scalability of the solution are paramount, as it must be able to accommodate future growth and evolving data requirements.
  3. Assess the quality of support and training provided by the vendor, as these elements are crucial for smooth implementation and ongoing operations.
  4. Additionally, investigate the solution’s data security measures and compliance capabilities to safeguard sensitive information and meet regulatory standards.
  5. Lastly, consider the solution’s analytical and reporting functionalities, which should offer rich insights and facilitate informed decision-making.

A comprehensive evaluation that includes these aspects will guide you toward a location MDM solution that not only addresses your current challenges but also positions you for future success.


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