Success at Gap

Success at Gap
See how GAP achieved a 50% reduction in manual effort to update their financial reports.


Need Accurate and Timely Data Updates
  • Significant dependency on IT department for data edits, updates and changes because key Product and Store hierarchy data is stored in inaccessible legacy applications.
  • Need to see store and product hierarchies rolled up multiple waysto meet the needs of various internal teams.
  • Need central repository of product and store data with easy access by the data stewards (those internal resources that know the data best) so they can add attributes where appropriate.


Focus on Good Data to Drive Analytics
  • Select and implement Profisee Platform that supports both IT and business needs and works with Microsoft stack.
  • Create ongoing data management strategy to improve sales and financial analytics such as top tier stores based on specific criteria.
  • Create flexible hierarchies to roll up for multiple views of product and store activity.
  • Create standardized data in a central repository available for multiple uses across departments.


  • Identified and removed unclean and inconsistent data accumulated during the prior years from the legacy applications.
  • 50% reduction in manual effort to update Financial reports.
  • IT is able to respond more rapidly to the reporting and analytical requirements of the business.
  • The Product and Store teams are able to trust they are working with clean, accurate data to make the best decisions possible.
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