Success at Mass Media Corporation

Success at Mass Media Corporation
Mass Media Corporation utilizes the Profisee Platform to work with its global customer network


  • How to manage customers’ media ad properties including digital billboards and kiosks; as well as broadcast and digital streaming radio channels.
  • Need to create a centralized repository of consistently defined data to be used by CRM, Invoicing, Order fulfillment and store basic reference data.
  • Remove need for one-off and departmental point solutions by creating cohesive strategy as well as remove data duplicates.
  • Need single view of customer – need a complete credit profile on each customer; need revenue potential by customers. No easy way to identify how accounts roll up into household type accounts – charging the wrong rates to customers without this complete picture. Reduced margins on accounts, dissatisfied customer experience, and missed revenue opportunities are all happening as a result of the lack of an MDM strategy.


  • New CIO sets initiative to manage access to data; as well as enable new business processes that are strategic vs reactive. Established repeatable business processes, minimize duplicate data and eliminate resulting maintenance and rework associated with ineffective data management.
  • Build enterprise data warehouse including solution architecture: database, MDM solution and enterprise service bus.
  • Create golden records with automated matching and mastering including a data stewardship business process for approving/resolving match results. Begin with 700K customer records on radio advertising LOB; provide golden records to Invoice Aging and Collections Management applications for downstream use.
  • Implement workflow and business rules to identify duplicate account creation by utilizing D&B Connector to match new accounts against existing accounts in CRM application. Data steward strategy created to manage duplicate data.


  • Single view of customer has been created and that consistent, mastered data is used in the enterprise data warehouse as well as CRM; the data is also accessible within an integration layer so as new systems come online, they are always working with the most up-to-date information.
  • Customer records are now mastered and correctly associated with the exact legal entity and all rollups are documented and managed in the Profisee Platform. This accurate data then feeds back to CRM and allows growth in revenue management through targeted analytics by customer, rollup of accounts and highlights opportunities for upsell and cross sell.
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