Success at The Rank Group

Success at The Rank Group
Learn how The Rank Group created a single view of customer to develop strategic up sell/cross sell campaigns and reward highly valuable customers.


Wanted Better Customer Experience
  • Needed to accurately ID new and returning customers across various channels. Wanted a complete view of a customer across online, offline and gaming table interactions.
  • Needed to develop strategic upsell/cross sell campaigns while complying with strict gaming regulations.
  • Wanted to be able to track customer engagement and rewards for those highly valuable customers.


Develop Single and Account Wallet Solution
  • Implement the Profisee Platform. Cleansed, matched and de-duplicated customer data from existing source systems.
  • Integrate the clean customer data back to downstream operational and analytical systems.
  • Align with cloud strategy. Customer MDM solution needed to run on Azure infrastructure.
  • Build a Culture of Data. Support internal efforts to market the right offers to the right customers at the right time. Support omni-channel marketing efforts.


Develop Single and Account Wallet Solution
  • Single View of Customer. Cleansed, matched and de-duplicated customer data is used by all systems.
  • Identified highly valuable customers to drive exciting gaming benefits across all the ways customers play.
  • Aligned with cloud strategy. Profisee Platform runs 24/7 on Azure infrastructure to support the omni-channel customer experience.
  • Build a Culture of Data. “We wanted a platform that stands the test of time,” Spight, added. “Microsoft with Azure and Profisee were exactly what we needed.”
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