Success at Trelleborg

Success at Trelleborg
Learn how Trelleborg was able to support line of business data quality requirements and a strong data foundation for ERP migration.


Need Central Repository for Product Data
  • Business users frustrated with integrity of product data
  • Product data stored in 25 different source systems with no central data hub
  • Acquisition growth strategy: needs to hit ground running post acquisition.
  • Ability to support corporate ERP migration & integration goals.


Create Product Data Management Strategy
  • Find plug & play MDM solution that works with the in-house technology stack including SAP & Infor ERPs.
  • Select a tool that works with existing DW process but better supports ongoing data management needs. Don’t break what is already working.
  • Create Product Master Records that can feed line of business systems including supply chain, ERP, CRM as well as demand planning.


Profisee supports strong data management strategy
  • Met internal goal of providing accurate data during 100 Things in 100 Days post acquisition strategy
  • Able to support line of business data quality requirements for Product items.
  • Established strong data management foundation to support corporate goals for ERP migration and integration.
  • Further expansion plans for additional domains
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