Success at Red Robin

Success at Red Robin
Learn how Red Robin built a trusted, clean and accurate data foundation across multiple systems.


Concerned About Making Decisions with Bad Data
  • Unable to create a data foundation of trusted, clean, accurate data that could be sourced from multiple systems
  • Could not document and manage standard menus while accounting for regional differences
  • Needed standardized data records to be used in multiple down- stream systems including POS, Display and 3rd party tools
  • Want to create Golden Customer Records in order to manage loyalty program, and drive better targeted marketing campaigns


Find Quick Win, then go for more!
  • Quick Win by implementing the MDM foundation for Locations.Regional data experts can input variances to standard menu.
  • Focused next on Menu – from ideation to menu addition. Automated entire process – quick setup to ongoing maintenance accounting for all necessary information.
  • Customer is next area to focus on. Opportunity to support effective/targeted marketing campaigns and loyalty program.


  • “Significant savings achieved on menu reprints – Eliminated waste”
  • “Quick wins brought 100% executive support – A culture of data”
What’s Next
  • “Drive strategic plan to customers – offers by customers type”
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