Success at ICW Group

Success at ICW Group
See how ICW removed significant delays and duplicate data across SAP and Salesforce in the insurance agency onboarding process.


Support Agency Onboarding Process
  • With an ever-expanding network of independent agencies, the agency onboarding process was manual and cumbersome.
  • Significant delays occurred when onboarding agencies, as there is no duplicate data check point or integration with systems such as SAP or Salesforce.
  • Needed a centralized location to manage all critical Agency and Agent/Broker reference data.
  • Needed a solution to get up & running quickly.


Create Customer Data Hub
  • Implement a centralized repository for reference and master data including agency and agent data with states served and products offered.
  • Automate validation and identification of duplicate agency databetween all the systems using business rules.
  • Develop workflow driven agency onboarding process with key data owners.
  • Build integrations with downstream systems.


Master Data Key Business Strategy
  • Centralized data hub for agency information. All departments are working from one, clean trusted view of data.
  • Streamlined, workflow driven agency onboarding process eliminates duplicate data supporting ICW agency growth strategy.
  • Integrated with Salesforce, SAP, SNAP, CounselLink and PMS for downstream system connectivity.
  • Created 360 degree view of agency – increased capacity to quickly and efficiently add additional agencies as ICW expands coverage.
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