Success at Healthcare Services Company

Success at Healthcare Services Company
See how this healthcare company used MDM to improve visibility into facility operations and profitability.


  • Manage facility information including location, type, provider skill set as well as adapt to growth by acquisition and develop a process for consolidating facilities – which ones to keep and which facilities to sell.
  • Need workflow to manage complex and ever changing facilities information – current system cannot handle complexity of current and future needs.
  • Need a single view of each facility so accurate data can be used in downstream applications.
  • Need to create an easy way to use the facility attribute information for analytics and reporting requirements such as how many locations have a chaplain on site and which ones – can we expand this service across multiple facilities?


  • Select master data management software that works on the Microsoft stack with a quick implementation timeline.
  • Build MDM solution to replace existing legacy system; while also building future proof solution to support analytics requirements, link facilities data across the organization and automate workflow for facilities onboarding.
  • Create golden records with automated matching and mastering including a data stewardship business process for approving/resolving match results. Create a clean master list of facilities, eliminate duplicates, verify addresses and ensure complete and correct facilities data.
  • Use Profisee Accelerator services to replace legacy master system with Profisee Platform in just six weeks.


  • Single view of facility data has been created. Old legacy system deprecated and all trusted, centralized master facility data is stored in central repository.
  • Duplicate, bad data removed and new workflow and business process for facilities onboarding has been created and deployed across the organization.
  • Profisee Platform now feeds data to BI application and data stewards have a simple, easy way to maintain and manage the various facility attributes that are needed for analysis. The BI and IT teams can incorporate new facilities quickly and easily as acquisitions of other companies occur.
  • Success of facilities MDM leads to exploration for provider master and ultimately patient master data management.
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