Success at Australia Post

Success at Australia Post
See how the Australia Post created 360 degree view of customers. This allowed them to identify buying patterns & target for upsell/cross sell.


  • Master Data for Single View of Customer
  • Inability to attribute multiple products (from one or more operational systems) to the same customer
  • Inconsistent method to link and search customer records to derive a combined view of a customer’s interactions with AP
  • Inability to readily provide accurate customer information for viewing, reports, statistics, and analytics


Improve Customer Growth and Retention
  • Better personalize content and market to the known consumer base (individuals and businesses)
  • Integrated view with access to product holdings, preferences, relationships, contact details attributed to the same customer
  • Identify product associations for cross−sell and upsell
  • Understand patterns and behaviors (e.g., indicators of churn)


  • Microsoft SQL Server
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