Success at AMA

Success at AMA
Learn how AMA answered the build vs. buy question by leveraging the Profisee Platform and internal IT talent.


Need a Complete View of Customers/Members
  • Customer data is captured across multiple lines of business including Membership, Travel, Insurance, Registry, Driver’s Education, and Online Account running as custom web applications and on Microsoft Dynamics CRM and AX platforms. Lots of data, lots of different places.
  • Wanted to roll out a corporate strategy for Omnichannel Marketing where AMA can effectively cross sell and upsell the various product offerings to their customer base.
  • Be sure to use good data integrated from all the sources using an existing BPM tool to be sure to drive effective campaigns/offers to their customers.
  • Where to Leverage internal IT talent on the most effective piece of development, and where to use off the shelf software for the most efficient IT spend.


Create Single View of Customer
  • Find cost effective MDM solution that works with the Microsoft stack including Dynamics
  • Select a tool – that fits into AMA Data Architecture and complements the existing BPM (business process management) processing and Event Streaming framework.
  • Create Customer Golden Records by matching and de-duping existing records. Set up process for ongoing daily data harmonization so every LOB operates from a single accurate view of Customer.
  • Design an ongoing Data Governance strategy for data as an asset


  • Consolidated 12M total customer records into a 3M golden customer records. Cleansed, de-duped trusted data now.
  • Setup a new foundation for BI analysis, reporting, and machine learning initiatives by bringing together all the disconnected customer transactional data.
  • Created a “customer lookup before create” web service that is starting to get utilized by our business applications to improve the data quality and data consistency of our newly created customer records.
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