Success at Legrand North America

Success at Legrand North America
Learn how Legrand North America consolidated 8 ERP systems, product lists, and customer lists for profit maximization.


  • Incorporate the change from 8 independently functioning lines of business (LOB) to a consolidated reporting hierarchy.
  • Manage the complications from making such a massive reporting change; find ways to leverage collaborative business opportunities.
  • Need to figure out best way forward to drive profit maximization; pick one new ERP for all companies or find another way of consolidating data for customer and product reporting.


  • Select master data management software that works on the Microsoft stack with flexible hierarchy management, Golden Record Management and complex workflow functionality.
  • Create process and workflow to handle data coming in from the 8 different ERP applications to identify, match and master customer, product and sales records.
  • Create data steward process to handle new data and help create governance process around data maintenance that previously did not exist.
  • Drive sophisticated hierarchy creation and management based on the requirements by LOB for the reporting and analytics they need.
  • Engage with Profisee Partner for Implementation; selected Blum Shapiro for their extensive Microsoft tech stack and Profisee Platform expertise.


  • Enterprise wide MDM implementation for customer and product domains as well as complete hierarchy reporting infrastructure complete and rolled out to the business in six months.
  • Quick win savings of $1.2MM on customer report generation alone.
  • 8 lines of business incorporated into Profisee Platform including 8 different ERP systems integrated into the MDM solution; foundation laid for future ERP upgrades.
  • Ability to penetrate strategic accounts with cross-brand promotions.
  • Achieved greater visibility into sales performance metrics.
  • Minimized time to integration with acquisitions; data governance process allows for flexibility for the business needs and helps Legrand exceed customer expectations.
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