Success at Ossur

Success at Ossur
Learn how Ossur reduced shipping costs and addressed data quality across 10 systems.


  • Rapid growth fueled by acquisition – 10 different operational systems with 20 instances of Dynamics NAV. Dynamics CRM second attempt to upgrade – first failed due to poor data.
  • Disparate customer service applications leading to poor data quality, frustrating customer experience and satisfaction issues.
  • Össur was unable to create reliable reports and analytics hindering sales and profitability due to bad, inaccurate data.
  • Current MDM tool in place, but IT driven not business focused.


  • Microsoft Stack connectivity made a seamless migration from MDS to Profisee Platform and delivered KEY business user functionalities including a simple personalized user interface.
  • Create a culture of data – now the business quickly recognizes master data and knows when to ask for strategic help.
  • Address data inconsistencies across multiple domains using the Profisee Platform and show how MDM team can support acquisition strategy.

Levels of Success


  • “Added address verification, fixed errors – Reduced shipping cost”
  • “Quick wins brought 100% executive support – A culture of data”

What’s Next

  • “Drive Strategic real-time customer record creation process”
  • “Support culture of data in all processes including customer facing representative adding key customer data to master data hub”
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