Success at Vaya Health

Success at Vaya Health
Vaya Health uses the Profisee Platform to improve Provider management and reduce time and costs associated with on-boarding new Providers.


  • Unable to effectively manage over 100,000 members in the Provider Network (2000 Providers in their own network). Expensive and time-consuming to set up new Providers, track licensing, clinician data and taxonomy, etc.
  • Need to work more efficiently with Medicaid Perform to provide them with consistent and detailed Provider data.
  • Very limited resources to do all the work manually leading to frustration by Providers.


  • Select master data management software that works on the Microsoft stack with a quick implementation timeline.
  • Build MDM solution to replace existing homegrown and outdated legacy system; while also building future proof solution to support analytics requirements, link Provider data across the organization and automate workflow for Provider onboarding.
  • Use Profisee Academy (online self-service training program from Profisee) to get data team up to speed quickly.


  • Project work completed in 4 months with limited resources – fast time to value on implementation.
  • Data stewardship on new Provider onboarding – under 1 min vs 3+ days to onboard in old system. Ongoing data workflows keep entire process streamlined and efficient.
  • Provider golden records have streamlined the process for cross reference checking Providers across networks from several hours to under 20 mins. The time savings is enormous across 100,000 providers!
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