Success at Swedish MultiNational Manufacturer

Success at Swedish MultiNational Manufacturer
Learn how a large Swedish manufacturer improved financial data quality across 25,000 accounts and 50,000 cost centers.


Frustrated with Financial Data Inefficiencies
  • Finance Team receiving up to 1200 change requests per year from 3 source systems creating operational inefficiencies
  • Financial Master Data Hierarchy requests involve single and multiple hierarchy changes
  • Manual process using Excel for logging issue requests. Errors were commonplace and became increasingly difficult to track across 25,000 accounts and 50,000 cost centers.


Create Financial Data Management Strategy
  • Find plug & play MDM solution that works with the in-house technology stack including SAP.
  • Select a tool that works with SQL Server but better supports ongoing data management needs.
  • Create Financial Master Records that can handle processing multiple change requests and provide detailed audit trail.
  • Implement a business/data steward user friendly solution.


Profisee Supports Strong Data Management Strategy
  • Implemented multi-domain, central repository for mastered financial data
  • Able to support line of business hierarchy management requirements for Accounts and Cost Centers.
  • Established strong enterprise data management foundation;eliminated manual processes within existing systems framework.
  • Further expansion planned for additional domains to support Finance.
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