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See how this healthcare system, using the Profisee Platform, was able to implement over 200 teams/projects/programs using clean, trusted Provider data.

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  • Critical Provider data was fragmented across the organization in a variety of different systems. Needed to partner with data owners to manage key attributes for all Providers across all systems.
  • Needed a centralized location to manage all critical provider data.
  • Needed standardized values to drive analytics including predictive modeling, and product/app development.
  • Needed to replace the effort to manually join data from more than 50 credentialing sources, multiple reference source systems, and multiple EMRs.
  • Needed to create a simple way to supply data to downstream systems for day-to-day operations for more than 25,000 active providers.
  • Needed to centralize the management of data quality for key provider demographic information.


  • Develop master data from provider data systems to offer daily updates across the Health System.
  • Develop standardized values for reporting and analytics including degrees, education, specialties, practice locations, and more.
  • Develop data quality monitoring for onboarding/credentialing providers.


  • Data quality for provider data increased to 98% completeness.
  • Created Provider Source of Truth – single pipeline of provider data for the organization.
  • Organizationally, the MDM data is used by more than 200 teams and projects/programs as the ongoing data source for Providers and Location data.
  • Master Data Management (MDM) has become one of the key strategies the executive team uses to manage the business.
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