Success at Hancock Bank

Success at Hancock Bank
Hancock Bank linked unique customer identities across 38 different G/L, COA and CRM applications increasing forecast accuracy and driving revenue.


Needed Master Data to Optimize Sales & Profitability
  • Began to master COA & GL data & visibility
  • Need customer master records to track CRM patterns
  • Unique customer info needed for targeted selling
  • Lack of marketing platform for customer reach


Clean, match, master & harmonize data
  • Master customer records across 38 systems
  • Fundamental in customer 360 strategy
  • CRM enabled common platform for lead generation
  • Driving metrics in CRM analytics dashboard

Levels of Success

  • “Impact on revenue opportunity cross division – Revenue Opportunities”
  • “Informed highly targeted lead generation – Customer 360 visibility – CRM alignment / Analytics”
  • “Integrated MDM into operation systems – Aggregated 38 Systems – Master COA/GL/CRM”
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