Success at Engineering Consultancy

Success at Engineering Consultancy
Read about how one of the world's largest engineering firms learned to manage staff productivity - right engineer; right project.


  • How to best deliver consistent and high-quality data across multiple systems.
  • Need to create a centralized repository of consistently defined data.
  • Need ability to manage staff changes – who is working on which projects in which locations. With 20,000 employees in 150 locations, this was no small task to create and manage.
  • Need single view of staff data to reduce impact on staff/office productivity.


  • Design a flexible data model that can support multiple domains: employee, location, project type, LOB, client.
  • Incorporate all different types of data stored in 8 different source systems with about 100,000 records and 118 attributes.
  • Create golden records with automated matching and mastering including a data stewardship business process for approving/resolving match results.
  • Implement business rules that support frequent organizational changes, acquisitions and connection to additional data systems.


  • Profisee Platform is central component in the system integration solution; it is modular, scalable and secure – important requirements in working with employee data.
  • They now have a complete, single view of the employee domain; this drives continual performance improvement on placing the right consulting engineers in the right location at the right time serving clients effectively.
  • As part of new employee onboarding process, the employee record is updated in the Profisee Platform automatically following the Active Directory update – ensuring a holistic approach to data management. The business knows they can trust the accuracy of the information. This has led to further expansion of the Profisee Platform across many other domains.
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