Profisee Partners with Microsoft for the Intelligent Data Platform Ecosystem

We are very pleased to announce that Profisee has joined the first wave of launch partners for the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform (MIDP) Ecosystem. The MIDP is the industry’s leading cloud data platform that provides integrated data & analytics services to enable frictionless data management across the lifecycle of data across the enterprise data estate.

Customers and prospects interested in learning more about Profisee’s role and integration across the Azure ecosystem  and our partnership with Microsoft can find additional resources on Profisee’s Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform webpage.

Being selected as a launch partner for the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform is the culmination of strategic efforts  Profisee and Microsoft have undertaken to ensure that Profisee MDM integrates seamlessly with  Microsoft ecosystem to enforce data governance rules and deliver complete, consistent, and accurate data irrespective of the source – further enabling data-driven decision making across the organization with minimum friction.  


The Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform is designed to help customers quickly and easily make use of their enterprise data so they can build new customer experiences, leverage insights from their BI & Analytics programs and govern their data estate comprehensively effectively helping them re-imagine how they do business.

To deliver on this vision, reduce friction for data analytics, and simplify data consumption across the organization, Profisee MDM is deeply and broadly integrated into the Azure ecosystem. 


  • Microsoft Purview: Bi-directional integration of Profisee with Microsoft Purview enables Profisee to enrich Purview’s DataMap with information about multi-domain master and reference data that customers have created with Profisee. Microsoft Purview can now leverage metadata exchange with Profisee to provide deeper insights on the master and reference data assets, pipelining processes, golden record artifacts and data quality posture across their master data pipelines. Profisee MDM has the first and most mature integration with Microsoft Purview of any MDM solution.
  • Power BI: The Profisee Connector for Power BI simplifies access to complete and consistent ‘certified’ master data for Power BI users and further democratizes data-driven decision making — even for those unfamiliar with MDM or the Profisee platform.The connector is officially certified by Power BI and is the first MDM connector to be shipped as a seamless part of Power BI.  
  • Azure Data Factory: To reduce friction in integrating data across the ecosystem, Profisee built the first pipeline templates for MDM that are now delivered as a part of Azure Data Factory.
  • Azure Synapse: Profisee publishes certified master data into Azure Synapse to build a complete, consistent data foundation for any advanced analytics, irrespective of data source.

“Master data management is a critical aspect of a unified approach to data governance. The combination of Microsoft Purview and a deeply integrated MDM solution such as Profisee empowers Azure customers to easily discover and combine data from across the organization and significantly enhances the value of Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform.”

Mike Flasko, Vice President, Data Governance & Privacy Platform, Microsoft

As organizations look to the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform to become more data-driven, innovative, respond faster to market conditions and build new experiences for their customers, they need to leverage data from multiple sources and deliver it as a complete, consistent data foundation that can be readily consumed across the organization.  By integrating broadly and deeply across the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform, Profisee MDM gives Azure customers a quick, seamless path to trustworthy data.

Learn more about our commitment and native integration with the Microsoft Intelligent Data Platform., and read Microsoft’s announcement of the MIDP ecosystem.



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