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Complete Your Azure Data Estate with Profisee MDM

Digital transformation has transitioned from buzzword to reality, with companies re-inventing how they do business via technology. For many organizations, this revolution is not a nice to have – it is existential. A major theme to digital transformation is the migration of applications and workloads to the cloud to take advantage of new cloud native technologies and scale to power their digital transformation journey. Microsoft has reinvented itself as a leading Enterprise cloud platform through Azure, with the Azure Data Estate providing the technologies and tooling for organizations to modernize their use of data.

Better Together

Azure Data Services such as Azure Data Factory, Synapse, and Purview enable new ways for organizations to consolidate, integrate and consume their data in the cloud. However, as data is consolidated across a heterogenous landscape, it can be difficult to align and manage. The result is poor quality data that is difficult to trust.

This is due to data that was created across multiple data silos (ERPs, CRMs, etc.), each of which exists for a different business purpose, often with little governance. This misalignment hinders the full value of what you can achieve within Azure Data Services.

To truly benefit from the promised benefits of Azure, such as agility, insights, innovation, and reliable analytics, the data that supports those systems need to be complete, current, consistent, and clean. It needs to be managed.

To solve these challenges, we have worked with Microsoft to bring companies a seamless, new native integration between Azure Data Services and our platform-as-service (PaaS) multi-domain Master Data Management (MDM) solution.

Our customers need the highest quality data, so the value-add of master data management in Azure continues to grow. With its cloud-native approach and integration with Microsoft Azure data services, Profisee is one of many great choices for MDM in Azure,”

– Mike Flasko, VP & GM, Data Governance & Privacy Platform at Microsoft. 

Profisee ensures that companies have trusted data, so you can be confident in the analytics and insights that Azure provides. Without high-quality data entering the Azure Data Estate, the business value of Azure will be undermined, perhaps critically.

Unlock the Value of Azure with Master Data Management

Profisee’s Master Data Management solution is in many ways the peanut butter to Azure Data Estate’s jelly. Not only because we have a shared history and technology, but also because Profisee MDM is fully complementary to the Azure Data Services ecosystem.  Most importantly, because we are just ‘better together’!

Azure has excellent capabilities through Azure Data Factory, Microsoft Purview, Azure Synapse and, PowerBI, but it cannot enforce consistent data standards across multiple sources.

Master Data Management is designed to align and combine data from any source and enforce consistent data standards on the source data. With machine learning-based matching, our MDM solution improves data quality and governance by aligning and combining foundational master data and drives data consistency across different sources.

Leveraging Profisee, Azure users can derive greater business insights and value by achieving operational agility, accelerated digital transformations, and regulatory compliance.

At Quest Analytics, we predominately use Microsoft technologies to build and deliver our provider network management solutions and services, with a large portion operationalized within Microsoft Azure.  Our need for Master Data Management capabilities led us to select Profisee MDM, a natural fit into our technology and cloud provider ecosystem.  We are truly excited to see even tighter and more direct integration with Azure Data Factory, which will provide a resource lift and help further accelerate the implementation of our enterprise MDM strategy.”

– Neal Danner, CTO, Quest Analytics

Dig into the Details

Profisee’s MDM solution and the Azure Data Estate make the perfect pair, and we couldn’t be more excited to bring companies considering Azure or actively using Azure, to help solve their data challenges and truly trust their data.

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If you want to dig into the details on how we complement and enhance Azure, click here to see for yourself.

Technical Details

Interested in diving into the structure of the integration? Check out the reference architecture here.

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