Profisee MDM + Azure

Profisee seamlessly integrates into Azure to deliver high-quality, trusted data across the Azure Data Estate.
“Our customers need high-quality data, so the value-add of Master Data Management in Azure continues to grow. With its cloud-native approach and integration with Azure Data Services, Profisee is a great choice for MDM in Azure,”
- Mike Flasko, Partner Director of Product Management, Microsoft

The Challenge with Azure

Naturally, Azure combines data from many different sources.

Naturally, once this data is combined within Azure, the data about these things...

Product Offerings
Patients revealed as...
Poor quality
Missing & incomplete
Duplicated & Complicated
...and if that's the case, you have a big problem on your hands!
This is a problem because...
These benefits...


Azure Machine Learning

Azure Data

Azure Data



… are only are realized if the data that supports them is high-quality and trusted. In other words…


Data that is integrated and consolidated into a single, complete version of the truth for decision making.


Data that is timely and current while also being consistent, clean and compliant.


Data that is built and validated according to the same business rules irrespective of source system.


Data that is standardized, verified, matched and deduplicated.

The Solution

Profisee MDM + Azure

Profisee MDM (Master Data Management) natively integrates with Azure to align and combine data from any source and enforce consistent data standards on the source data, a critical step in achieving high-quality data according to a 2021 survey by Harvard Business Review Analytics Services.

The result… high-quality, trusted data to power business intelligence, analytics, machine learning and more!

Azure Synapse + Profisee

Native, effortless integration with ADF for a flexible connection to or from any data source.

  • Seamless integration into Synapse
  • Better data in Synapse unlocks the value of Azure and enables Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, etc.

Azure Purview + Profisee

Azure Purview helps discover, understand, classify and govern, but it does not update the data.

  • Match/merge & enforce data standards
  • Sync data across data sources

Azure Data Factory + Profisee

Native, effortless integration with ADF for a flexible connection to or from any data source.

  • Profisee appears as a native application within ADF
  • Leverage pre-built ADF connectivity to 100+ applications, systems, and services
  • Significantly reduces MDM integration effort

Deploy and integrate like a Microsoft app

As easy to deploy and integrate as a native Microsoft app

  • Fast to deploy – via Azure Resource Manager (ARM) template – PaaS deployed in minutes
  • Easy to integrate – Integration with complementary technologies, e.g. Azure Data Factory, Azure Data Catalog

“We see MDM deployed as a managed service as being a critical element of the modern data estate. Profisee’s PaaS offering for MDM on Azure will be of great benefit to our customers”

- Mike Flasko, Partner Director of Product Management, Microsoft

Harvard Business Review on the Path to Trustworthy Data

of executives say that having a strong master data management program is important to ensuring their future success.

of executives believe their organizations are underinvesting in their enterprise-wide data strategy.

of executives say their organizations rely on more than 6 data types that are essential to business operations.

of respondents who have employed MDM say their organizations' approach to MDM is moderately or very effective.

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