Profisee is the only master data management solution that is:





Most of our customers were people just like you who needed to quickly be able to…​

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MDM tools have had a bad rap because most are*:

Complex & Difficult

Expensive to Buy & Own

Slow to Implement

Slow to Show Value

*Source: Harvard Business Review Analytic Services, June 2021

Profisee is a master data management solution that is:​


Fast to implement and show value.

“…rapidly deployed MDM solution…more implementations taking under three months than any other vendor..”

– Gartner 2020 MDM Magic Quadrant Report


Affordable to purchase and to own.

“…economically priced offering and favorable TCO..”

– Gartner 2020 MDM Magic Quadrant Report


Seamlessly scales to multiple master data domains and use cases.

The path to building a trusted foundation of key enterprise data requires people, process and the RIGHT technology…

Enter Profisee.

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Harvard Business Review on the Path to Trustworthy Data

of executives say that having a strong master data management program is important to ensuring their future success.

of executives believe their organizations are underinvesting in their enterprise-wide data strategy.

of executives say their organizations rely on more than 6 data types that are essential to business operations.

of respondents who have employed MDM say their organizations' approach to MDM is moderately or very effective.

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