Who Are Your Most Valuable Customers?

In the business world, you often hear references to the “Total Lifetime Value of a Customer,” the meaning of which sometimes varies. One permutation of lifetime value is calculated on an aggregate basis across all of your customers, answering the question, “What is the average value of a newly obtained customer?” The Aggregate Lifetime Value can be calculated based on simple financial metrics including revenue, profit, and customer retention.

When CRM Is Not Enough

CRM solutions are advertised to provide a single source of truth for customer information. So why do I STILL need a data management strategy when implementing or migrating my CRM solution?

Winning the Sale – 8 steps to Get Your Data Project Approved

Data Managers and alike often wonder why some organizations are able to get budget and resource approval for their data management initiatives quickly, while others struggle to get funding. While they know there is a business need, they struggle to get buy-in, leading to a lengthy debate where the decision in some cases is to do nothing.

What the Data Manager Wishes the Business Understood

Every C-level executive talks about the value of a data-driven business. That’s all well and good, but they may not understand that a comprehensive data management plan sets the foundation for this. So, they don’t always actively promote the use of or changes in how the company manages master data.

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