Deliver Trusted Insights

Empower BI leaders with centralized, consistent, complete and reliable data to deliver trusted insights to the business.

BI/Analytics leaders
are commonly challenged with fragmented,
poor quality and ungoverned data that causes:

Wasted time wrangling data

Distrust in BI results

Inaccurate reporting

Self-service roadblocks

A lack of insights

Automation roadblocks

Reporting and analytics becomes  faster, easier and more valuable to the business with a trusted foundation of enterprise data.

Break Down Enterprise Data Silos

Connect disparate data

Quickly load data about customers, products, suppliers’ locations and more from existing systems, applications and databases.

Profisee security graphic

Enforce data governance

Ensure data is created and maintained in accordance with established business rules.

Create and manage golden records

Match, merge and survive data to create ‘golden records’; a single source of consistent, timely and trustworthy enterprise data.

Build rules to create trusted data

Create business and validation rules to unlock a simple and user-friendly way to define, improve and enforce data quality.

Publish and share trusted data

Make trusted data available for operational and analytical downstream consumption

Notify downstream applications and integration processes as data changes, allowing them to subscribe to data as it evolves.

100% of customers recommend Profisee
In the 2024 Voice of the Customer on MDM Solutions

Discover the Profisee platform difference

Built For Multi-Domain

More than 2/3 of Profisee customers implement multiple domains.

Built For The Cloud

Fast, affordable and flexible cloud deployments with industry first and only containerized PaaS MDM solution.

Built For Business Value

The Profisee platform delivers fast time to value (payback) 6-12 months and Profisee customers average ~400+% ROI*

Built with Microsoft in Mind

The obvious choice for Microsoft technology enterprise is Profisee. Tailor made for the Microsoft environment. Azure centric.

Built For Scale

Most Profisee customers implement their second domain within the first year and some have 8+ domains.

Built for Fast Implementations

“Vendor with most implementations in under 90 days”, 2020 Gartner MDM Magic Quadrant.

“The cost to value ratio is exceptional and easily beats some of the bigger and more monolithic solutions provided by the big players.”
– Director of Strategic Data
“Profisee has been a reliable, straightforward, flexible tool that has facilitated accomplishing our data goals.”
– Sr. Director, Information Management
“We are able to build and deploy MDM solutions in weeks due to embedded data management workflows, import/export functionality, and unified data model.”
– Senior Manager Business Intelligence


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