New Federation Manager supports custom integration in modern services architecture

ATLANTA, GA—January 27, 2016— Profisee, a master data management (MDM) software company, is pleased to announce the general availability of the latest release of the Master Data Maestro platform—Maestro Version 4. The new release features enhanced integration, administrative and deployment capabilities, as well as scalability and stewardship productivity enhancements.

To promote real-time integration of the MDM solution with other enterprise systems that depend on and contribute to master data, Maestro Version 4 includes Federation Manager. Connector plug-ins for Salesforce and Dynamics CRM systems replace the previous standalone Maestro Adapters, for a single, unified integration experience. Federation Manager provides a modular architecture supporting multi-hub (Maestro to Maestro) federated MDM scenarios, and providing for development of additional connectors, both licensed and custom.

According to Profisee CEO Ian Ahern, “Maestro Version 4 offers best-in-class integration with Microsoft’s Dynamics CRM and Salesforce, along with Maestro Federation, which provides a fully extensible connector framework that will enable organizations to build additional system connectors, using Federation’s pluggable integration to leverage all of Maestro’s UI and Event Management capabilities.”

Maestro’s native event management supports specific event scenario triggers and provides resiliency, transparency, and manageability of events. In addition, Maestro’s System-Aware Identity Management (SAIM) (patent pending) includes intelligence around source and subscribing system identities that solves multiple integration problems.

Profisee CTO Val Lovicz explains, “SAIM streamlines and improves integration by hiding meaningless source system keys, proactively preventing duplicate records, and simplifying development and implementation of connectors.”

Administration enhancements include functionality around data archiving and deployment, managing subscription views, and deployment of business rules. These features improve application development and maintenance and, along with comprehensive command line export and import capabilities, enhance user productivity.

At the same time, Maestro Version 4 improves system performance and scalability. For example, Maestro customers may license multiple server nodes to support a single Maestro instance, with synchronized caching across servers.

“This allows compute-intensive and long running processes such as matching, survivorship, address verification and event processing to be offloaded to additional processing servers having Maestro only (no IIS and no SQL Server), while synchronizing caching across multiple load-balanced Web servers,” Lovicz explains. “Maestro Version 4 also replaces the native MDS member query and update services to achieve up to 30 times better performance under load, reduce the workload at the database level, and eliminate sources of deadlock errors under heavy concurrent query and update workloads.”

Stewardship productivity is enhanced with Maestro Version 4 capabilities such as advanced filtering, multi-entity views, multi-column sorting, and member search.

About Master Data Maestro

Maestro leverages the Microsoft SQL Server platform. As part of SQL Server, Microsoft delivers Master Data Services (MDS), which provides a robust foundation for any MDM application. Profisee’s Maestro platform leverages that foundation to provide a seamless enterprise MDM solution that enables companies to maximize existing investments and skill sets within the Microsoft technologies stack, while taking advantage of the purpose-built, MDM-focused capabilities and usability of Maestro.

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