The Profisee Family

We value the work-life balance of today's virtual workforce.
Built for fast growth: we value high-energy, integrity, and trusted collaboration.

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The Profisee Pups


Our Purpose

Enable every organization to achieve their mission by harnessing the ever-growing universe of Data that is transforming the way in which we work and live.

Our Values

  1. Growth Mindset – We can learn and get better at anything. We embrace and accept mistakes as an essential part of the learning process. Growing, accomplishing new things, and helping others learn are some of the most rewarding experiences of being human!
  2. Candor – Enables us to get to the meat of issues quickly and is the foundation of trust. We hopefully disagree at times which means we enjoy the fruits of diverse perspectives. We always know how each other feels when we leave a room so we can feel comfortable voicing our opinions. This leads to more growth and an environment we love to be in every day.
  3. Purposeful Urgency – We go about our work thinking about Why AND When. Why provides clarity and focus’ our efforts on the vital few, not the futile many. When enables us to accomplish objectives while they matter. Even when we decide to experiment with many different things, we are doing it with an end and time in mind.
  4. We Get Stuff Done! – Strategy without execution is just an idea. We deliver results, not reasons.
  5. Fun is Where Fun is Made – Work life is as enjoyable and rewarding as we make it. We covet the journey as much as the destination and strive to make each other laugh along the way.

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