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One interesting aspect of master data management (MDM) is how newly mastered data can be used across the enterprise. In addition to being used to drive operational improvements, master data is also used to improve the data used for business intelligence (BI) and analytics.

Not only does high-quality master data improve your standard corporate reporting and ad-hoc analytics, it is also often used as a key input to newer artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) based predictive analytics to gain new insights into an organization’s enterprise data.

Profisee MDM already makes it easy for customers to access mastered data that we store in SQLServer, and it can of course be integrated downstream to your data lake or data warehouse. But as is often the case, users need more dynamic access to mash up data from multiple sources to perform more ad-hoc analytics.

Recently, Microsoft reached out to us and asked if we could build a Power BI connector so users could quickly and easily connect to Profisee and so they can build self-service reports using easy to access master and reference data —  without users having to gain access to and navigate the Profisee database.

We thought this was a great idea, and today I’m excited to announce that the Profisee Connector for Power BI is now available for customers to download from our customer portal.

The Profisee Connector for Power BI makes it fast and easy to access clean, complete and accurate data to help organizations accelerate operationalized BI, “ad hoc” analytics or self-service reporting — even if they aren’t familiar with MDM or the Profisee platform. With just a few clicks, users can get data into Power BI from Profisee just like any other native Power BI data source, allowing them to easily load, model and leverage data directly in Power BI.

The Profisee Power BI Connector makes it fast and easy to access clean, complete and accurate data to help organizations accelerate both operationalized BI and “ad hoc” analytics — even if they aren’t familiar with master data management (MDM) or the Profisee platform.

With the Profisee Connector for Power BI, now you can make it happen.

Learn more by downloading the Profisee Connector for Power BI datasheet below.

Eric Melcher

Eric Melcher

Eric has spent the entirety of his 15+ year career working in the enterprise information management space. As Chief Technology Officer, Eric is responsible for all aspects of product management, development and support for Profisee’s software portfolio.


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