Profisee Announces New Release: 2020 R2

I’m very pleased to announce the immediate availability of the latest release of the Profisee Platform for MDM.

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Profisee 2020 R2 continues to build on many of the investments we made in the 2020 R1 release, which became generally available just over 3 months ago. In 2020 R1, we made major investments in the architecture of the platform, including the Profisee Fast App Portal. In 2020 R2, we take advantage of that improved foundation to further streamline how Data Stewards interact with the platform, helping them do their jobs more easily and efficiently. A host of new features simplify data stewardship and reduces clicks to deliver a fast and easy experience for Data Stewardship.

This release also introduces a new and improved Relationship List for managing relationships in your data. Complimenting this is native support for defining Many to Many relationships, and a reimagined user experience for managing those relationships and their properties – a major productivity benefit. This release also introduces a pre-built connector for Microsoft D365 Business Central, rounding out Profisee’s portfolio of native integrations with the D365 suite.

For a full rundown of the new features, customers and partners can access the release notes, and can sign in to Profisee Academy, navigate to the “What’s New” course, and view the ‘What’s New in 2020 R2’ video overview.

It is worth noting that this follows major technical advances we made in releasing 2020 R1, the industry’s first and only containerized PaaS MDM solution, built using a microservices architecture. In the 2020 R2 release, we have added support for additional cloud deployment options, further simplifying the industries only cloud-native PaaS offering.

With our modern architecture, Profisee is able to develop and release on a much more rapid cadence. This would be of little value if customers could not adopt new versions just as quickly. I am happy to report that 2020 R1 saw our fastest ever uptake of a new release with over 20% of existing customers migrating within the first 3 months since release. I believe the rapid uptake is due to interest in PaaS and the lower TCO (total cost of ownership) it brings. Going forward, customers running Profisee using containers and Kuberentes will experience the industries easiest upgrade process, helping them benefit from our more rapid release cycles.

As Donna Burbank, Managing Director of our valued partner Global Data Strategy observed,

“With Profisee, the benefits of their investment in next-generation architecture are on full display. Microservices enable rapid development and release cycle with PaaS containerization.
A real win-win for Profisee and their customers.”

– Donna Burbank

I could not have said it better myself!

Eric Melcher

Eric Melcher

Eric has spent the entirety of his 10+ year career working in the enterprise information management space. As Chief Technology Officer, Eric is responsible for all aspects of product management, development, and support for Profisee’s software portfolio.



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