Profisee Announces MDM Software-as-a-Service

Announcing Profisee MDM Software-as-a-Service Experience

When organizations deploy a master data management (MDM) solution, they tend to deploy it where most of their data is stored a concept known as data gravity.

But as applications and workloads continue to shift to the cloud and organizations re-tool from a traditional IT workforce the balance is shifting. This is creating a growing need for MDM Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) that companies can simply use natively in the cloud.

A SaaS Experience Years in the Making

Three years ago, long before customers were asking for it, we predicted there would be a shift where organizations would demand a true SaaS experience for MDM. To meet that future demand, we knew we needed to do it right. Many software vendors simply “lift and shift” their existing legacy applications into a fleet of manually managed virtual machines (VMs). While this is an easier approach, it is also a shortcut. While it is technically ‘in the cloud,’ it is not architected for the cloud. Inherent inefficiencies, costs and security risks are all passed on to the customer.

The first step in Profisee’s cloud journey was to re-architect the platform into microservices and package it as a stateless containerized service that can be orchestrated by Kubernetes. We released this new Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) platform in the summer of 2020, becoming the first MDM solution on the market with a fully containerized MDM platform that runs natively in the cloud. It was a big step forward in ease of use for our customers.

True SaaS Experience on a Proven Cloud Architecture

This week we are taking the next step and announcing the immediate availability of Profisee MDM SaaS. Many vendors talk about SaaS, but when you look under the hood, it is anything but. Most vendors are simply re-hosting their legacy applications, running something in the customer’s tenant and calling it SaaS or even having third-party partners ‘manage it in the cloud.’

Profisee MDM SaaS is none of the above. Profisee MDM SaaS is fully and professionally managed by Profisee, leveraging leading-edge technologies, allowing us to deliver a multi-tenant solution orchestrated by Kubernetes.

It has been architected from the ground up to be highly secure, leveraging tenant isolation, with deployments automated using Terraform and Infrastructure-as-Code to mitigate the risk of human error causing an outage or security breach. The service is hosted on Azure, with built-in redundancy across regions. And this was all possible because of the early investments we made to re-architect the platform into a cloud-native containerized service.

So now our customers have a choice: Profisee MDM SaaS for a full turn-key service that delivers a true SaaS experience, or Profisee MDM for the ultimate PaaS flexibility, both providing our customers with the same great MDM platform. We believe this cloud-powered MDM done right.

We’re so excited to share this new, turn-key option for MDM as a completely managed service. You can find more information on our PaaS and SaaS deployment options at the link below.

Eric Melcher

Eric Melcher

Eric has spent the entirety of his 15+ year career working in the enterprise information management space. As Chief Technology Officer, Eric is responsible for all aspects of product management, development and support for Profisee’s software portfolio.



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