Modern Data Management for Healthcare

In today’s healthcare environment, data is either your friend or your enemy; with good data you can deliver high-quality healthcare with bad data you won’t survive and thrive.

Don’t Make CRM Your Master

Bill O’Kane explains why CRM applications were not designed to maintain data quality and MDM is needed to keep customer data clean.

Opposites Attract: Differences with Big Data and Master Data

There’s a revolution underway in data science to effectively manage and derive value from the growing amount of data being generated in our world. We’ve been driving cars, using phones, and manufacturing product for decades. But now we have mobile phones pinging cell towers everywhere we go, sensors in industrial systems recording information every second, and our cars reporting data back to manufacturers via telematics.

What is Master Data Management?

Master Data Management is two part data management strategy used by organizations of every size in every industry. It includes specific business processes combined with the technical infrastructure required to provide and maintain consistent and accurate sets of master data.Sometimes, we vendors in the data management world can make the easy complicated.But master data is important to everyone NO MATTER the size of your organization.

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