Creating a 360 Degree View of Customer

As data-driven marketing continues to have an exponentially increasing role in modern-day sales and marketing, many companies plan to increase their budgets for data-driven marketing. The challenge in the increasing importance of data-driven marketing lies with creating actionable information from a largely scattered customer data landscape. Most companies understand how identifying who their customers are – identifying them by name, address, contact details, job title, gender, age, etc. – by using CRM and ERP systems is optimal for creating a single view of their customers.

In order to fully utilize the ‘big data problem’ these companies begin to have when collecting new contacts and customers, a 360-degree view must be established; looking at what their customers are doing. With a 360-degree view of all customers, companies are able to gather information (from website activity, marketing campaign touches, sales activity) to create highly personalized customer experiences.

Read the full article from OnWindows Spring Issue to see how Profisee can help your company complete your 360-degree customer view.

Creating a 360-degree view

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