Power To The BI Leader

Deliver Trusted Insights

Empower BI leaders with centralized, consistent, complete and reliable data to deliver trusted insights to the business.


BI/Analytics leaders are commonly challenged with fragmented, poor quality and ungoverned data that causes:

Reporting and analytics becomes  faster, easier and more valuable to the business with a trusted foundation of enterprise data.

Connect disparate data

Quickly load data about customers, products, suppliers’ locations and more from existing systems, applications and databases.

Enforce data governance

Ensure data is created and maintained in accordance with established business rules.

Create and manage golden records

Match, merge and survive data to create ‘golden records’; a single source of consistent, timely and trustworthy enterprise data.

Build rules to create trusted data

Create business and validation rules to unlock a simple and user-friendly way to define, improve and enforce data quality.

Publish and share trusted data

Make trusted data available for operational and analytical downstream consumption

Notify downstream applications and integration processes as data changes, allowing them to subscribe to data as it evolves.

The Profisee platform unlocks the ability to…


Identify and group sets of duplicate records using fuzzy matching logic to create a distinct set of data.


Automatically create and populate golden records with the best information available across source systems.


Logically combine duplicate records, and update source systems with that same logical merge.


Define data quality rules that can identify existing invalid data and prevent new data quality issues from being created.


Easily integrate with third-party data services to standardize common data such as Businesses, Addresses, Names, Email Addresses, and Phone Numbers.


Define rules to automatically perform data calculations and assignments. Leverage third party data services to enrich the information you already have.

Discover the Profisee platform difference

Discover how the Profisee platform helps build and ensure a trusted foundation for data and analytics leaders.

Harvard Business Review on the Path to Trustworthy Data

of executives say that having a strong master data management program is important to ensuring their future success.

of executives believe their organizations are underinvesting in their enterprise-wide data strategy.

of executives say their organizations rely on more than 6 data types that are essential to business operations.

of respondents who have employed MDM say their organizations' approach to MDM is moderately or very effective.

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