Common Frustrations with Master Data Services

The frustrations below are just a few of the reasons many companies are considering MDS alternatives.

Does not offer an Azure cloud solution

For companies who are looking to move to the cloud, unfortunately MDS does not currently have an Azure solution offering.

This creates a significant challenge for many businesses.

Complex and inefficient admin UX

  • Hard to work with databases
  • Time-consuming online modeling
  • Awkward and inefficient admin

Difficult to maintain business rules

  • Lack of Data Quality reporting
  • "Awaiting Validation" / "?" Statuses
  • Silent failures, sluggish SQL jobs

Introducing Profisee Essentials

Learn more about why companies are switching from MDS to Profisee

Essentials Overview

Explore Profisee Essentials and how you can begin your new MDM path.


Essentials vs MDS

Access short comparison videos of Profisee Essentials vs Microsoft MDS


Calculate TCO

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How does Profisee Essentials help?

Profisee Essentials helps organizations looking to move beyond MDS or migrate to Azure but cannot justify the traditional multi-six figure investment to purchase and re-implement another solution.


Profisee Essentials offers companies a path forward from MDS without the traditional six-figure investment.

Easy Administration

  • Easy to use admin experience
  • Point-and-click admin configuration
  • Easily manage environments

Better Data Quality

  • Built-in data quality analytics
  • Auto execution, always up-to-date
  • Reliable, logging of failed assignments

Easy Management Between Environments

  • Deploy only the components you need
  • Full sync with review/conflict
  • Effortlessly archive/deploy data

Streamlined Administration

  • Faster offline modeling/publishing
  • Point-and-click FastApp configuration
  • Robust, role-based security

Purpose-Built For Your Audience

  • FastApps for specific audience needs
  • Intuitive UX means less time/training
  • Simplified data stewardship

Why Companies Haven't Found An Alternative

Until now, the journey from MDS to a traditional MDM tool has been too hard, too slow, and too costly, leaving many smart organizations in a state of “do nothing.”

Six-figure ($$$,$$$.$$) alternatives

Most alternatives to Master Data Services require large six-figure investments which are difficult to justify.

It's "more or less free" does not mean free

'Free' as in, it's included with Enterprise SQL Server, but with limited functionality, limited scale, and an often clunky platform.

Migration & Implementation Anxiety

Most alternatives to Master Data Services require a time-consuming and resource-heavy investment.

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