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ATLANTA, GA—April 17, 2018— Profisee, a leading modern data management technology company, announced today, the general availability of the latest version of the Profisee Platform (v6.1.0).

With the release of v6.1.0 of the Profisee Platform, Profisee continues to focus on providing the industry’s most interactive and engaging data stewardship experience for business users.  By allowing organizations to configure targeted applications for different business stakeholders, the Profisee Platform can provide a user experience that is so easy to use, it requires no training.  With the release of V6.1.0, Profisee continues to deliver on its vision through several key enhancements to the Profisee Web Portal, all targeted at providing business users with a simple yet powerful data stewardship experience.

According to Profisee CEO Len Finkle, “Our approach to modern data management is to design a platform that serves the business user.  Our customers want to work with a data management platform that is approachable for all their business users, not an IT focused solution.  These additional enhancements to the Profisee Platform directly address the data management needs of the business.”

Another key enhancement in this release is the introduction of Actionable Analytics, allowing users to now interact visualizations within Profisee and be taken to the underlying data where they can take immediate action.  Actionable Analytics allows users to go directly from insight to action.

Profisee CTO Val Lovicz explains, “We are pleased to be able to offer such a modern solution to an ongoing problem—how to design a technically sound platform that can easily be managed and used by the business.  The innovations in this release enable business users to manage data like never before.”

About Profisee

Profisee is a leading enterprise data management company that makes it easy and affordable for any size organization to ensure a trusted data foundation.  Our unique, Profisee Advantage™ approach allows companies to leverage enterprise multi-domain data management capability, without limits on users, data volume or sources.   Profisee’s unique Total Cost Ownership model leads the master data management industry.  This has provided the industry’s highest customer satisfaction rating by accelerating and exceeding customer expectations.   Follow us on LinkedIn.

SOURCE: Profisee


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