Build and maintain golden records

Create and rely on a single source of accurate, timely and trustworthy data with Profisee Golden Record Management.


The Profisee Platform unlocks the ability to…


Identify and group sets of duplicate records using fuzzy matching logic to create a distinct set of data.


Automatically create and populate golden records with the best information available across source systems.


Logically combine duplicate records, and update source systems with that same logical merge.


Create a ‘single view’

Golden Records, are the most accurate, complete and comprehensive representation of any master data domain and can be safely used as key data for any application across the enterprise.

Match and merge from many sources

Identify matching records across or within data sources. Set and tune matching rules to meet the needs of your unique environment.

Automated and manual survivorship

Automate your business rules for survivorship and supplement with manual effort for validation – only if required by the business rules!


Cleanse, verify, standardize and enrich

Cleanse, verify and standardize of key identifying attributes, such as addresses, names, phone numbers, and email addresses.

data in computer

Harmonize data

Once you have a trusted Golden Record Master, make it available as a reference across all enterprise systems and data warehouses – data synchronized in this way is a more valuable enterprise asset.

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