MDM 101 - What Is a Domain

Video Notes:

So, the next concept we want to cover is domain. I’ve already used this term a couple times. Domains are really kind of the big level blocks that we use to define master data. We have some example categories of domains. So, one common domain a lot of people look to manage within the MDM is customer domain. Customers could be individuals, they could be individual people, consumers if you will. They can also be businesses as well that use. So, depending on whether you’re a B2B or B2C organization, but then there’s other flavors of customer or unity type domains that are out there.

Likewise, products are the other most common domain that people look to manage within MDM, and these could be products themselves, how those products are made, the build and materials, different assets, so there’s a lot of different flavors of product data. Whether you’re on the buy side or the sell side of product. There’s also a lot of other domains.

So, locations is another common category of domains. Agencies and branches, if you have a couple real life examples and hospitals. With all their various facilities, and floors, and rooms, those could all be locations that are being managed within an MDM solution. Then you have the other bucket, the other bucket can comprise any number of domains. They may even be specific to a given industry. So, in insurance you might be looking to manage providers and members, in healthcare it might be patients, facilities, and procedures. There’s lots of other ancillary domains that are typically industry related, that organizations potentially look to manage within
an MDM solution.

Master Data Domain:


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