Build a workflow for that

Profisee Workflow makes it quick and easy to orchestrate and automate your most complex business processes.


The Profisee platform unlocks the ability to…


Capture cross-functional business processes as a sequence of actions that can be performed sequentially or in parallel, orchestrating complex and composite data management activities.


Ensure business processes are executed in the right order, on-time, and monitor them to ensure service level agreements are met.


Assign responsibilities, and ensure they are notified and are aware of their roles and responsibilities.

Automate to simplify

Matching, address verification, business rules, task generation, notifications and more complex business processes can be easily be automated with workflows.



Easy stewardship orchestration

Orchestrate complex, cross-functional stewardship processes for any business user.

Easily configure the information necessary to complete a task, who is responsible, and how long they have to complete it.

Organize your work

Replace document and email-driven stewardship processes.

Centralized tasks and notifications guide data stewards to the work they are responsible for and need to complete.


Monitor workload metrics

Capture service level agreements for overall workflow process and individual tasks.

Get visibility into data steward workloads for individual accountability and identify and alleviate performance bottlenecks.

No coding required

Profisee workflows can be designed via a drag-and-drop user experience that can support highly complex business process requirements.

“This is easy”, said the business user

Intuitive operation removes one more barrier to adoption!

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Harvard Business Review on the Path to Trustworthy Data

of executives say that having a strong master data management program is important to ensuring their future success.

of executives believe their organizations are underinvesting in their enterprise-wide data strategy.

of executives say their organizations rely on more than 6 data types that are essential to business operations.

of respondents who have employed MDM say their organizations' approach to MDM is moderately or very effective.

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